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U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA helps Americans start, build, grow and acquire businesses.  

Through their SBA 7a guaranteed lending program, the SBA guarantees part of the business loan that a lender provides. The lender provides and services the loan, but in the case of a loan default, the lender isn’t on the hook for all of the unpaid loan amount. This SBA guarantee results in lenders providing  loans to small businesses that they otherwise would not.

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The SBA has a myriad of resources for small business owners. Visit the SBA’s website.

SBA 7a Key Statistics from the SBADNA Platform  

  • 5,661 SBA lenders have approved a SBA 7a loan and 5,418 SBA lenders have disbursed a SBA 7a loan
  • 1,631,364 SBA 7a loans have been approved and 1,421,159 have been disbursed
  • Over $426 billion in total SBA 7a loan approvals with $368 billion disbursed
  • Over 10.7 million jobs supported based on SBA 7a loans actually disbursed
  • For the full year 2019, there were 1,638 SBA lenders that approved 51,755 SBA 7a loans for $23.2 billion
  • The average SBA 7a approved loan amount over the last 5 years is $415,954 with the 2019 average hitting $449,629

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