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SBADNA Loan File Reports

  • View and monitor your SBA loan file or another businesses loan file.

  • Pull the Loan File Report on any present, past, or pending SBA 7a loan in the SBADNA database.

  • SBADNA has over 1.6 million SBA loan files in our database that provide details about each SBA loan that are not available anywhere else.

View and monitor loan files

The database is updated quarterly with loan status updates.

After you pull a SBADNA loan file you can return to view again during the access period purchased.

Monitor the current loan status and changing loan payment details with each update cycle.

Receive an email about every 3 months notifying you that the SBADNA loan files have been updated.

Business Borrower
Borrower City
Borrower State
Borrower Zip
Project County
Project State
Expansion Loan
Sole Proprietor
Jobs Supported

Key Dates
Approval Date
Approval Fiscal Year
Disbursement Date
Last Payment Date

Franchise Info
Franchise Code
Franchise Name
Franchise Chart

Current Loan Status
Loan Status – Approved
Loan Status – Active
Loan Status – Paid in Full
Loan Status – Charge-Off
PIF Date
Charge Off Date
Charge Off Amount

Business Industry
Sector Code
Sector Desc.
Sub-Sector Code
Sub-Sector Desc.
Industry Group Code
Industry Group Desc.

Loan Information
Loan Amount
Term in Months
No. Payments Made
No. Payments Remaining
Rate Spread
Est. Monthly Payment
Est. Principal Balance Paid
Est. Interest Paid
Est. Current Loan Balance

Lender Information
Bank Name
Bank City
Bank State
Bank Zip

Risk Rank Score
Category Rank Score
Blended Rank Score

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