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SBADNA is a start up company that provides an independent resource to track, report and analyze data about business loans partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The SBA releases quarterly loan data through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). SBADNA applies algorithms and other analytics to the FOIA base data to extrapolate additional data points for more robust insights.

SBADNA has made SBA lending data and analysis on over 1.5 million approved SBA loans available to small business owners and aspiring start-ups, and provides banks and analysts with out-of-the-box analytics not previously available.

“The analysis that would take me many hours to produce using the FOIA spreadsheets, I can now create in seconds using the SBADNA dashboards.” said SBADNA Founder, Darin Manis.

The AI-powered advanced analytics SBADNA platform takes raw data on SBA loans, scrubs it, organizes it, and applies analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence so businesses and banks have more information to make more informed decisions.

Interactive dashboards have been created and organized into categories to more easily and quickly access needed information. Current dashboard categories include: Rankings, Risk, Opportunities, Allocations, Benchmarking, and Trends.

The pre-built dashboard filters allows users to quickly narrow search results for about any category, in any location, for any time period, in any combination. 

Multiple reports have been developed including individual SBA loan files, franchise brand analysis, and SBA lender analysis. Users also have the ability to monitor reports, having an updated report emailed to them after each quarterly database update cycle.

In order to help businesses and banks better compare and benchmark, SBADNA created Top Lender Index Averages, Risk Rank Scoring, and the ability to compare industries, lenders and franchise brands on a multitude of variables.

“Our primary goal is to provide easier access to better information so our users can make more informed decisions.” stated Manis. 

The SBADNA platform is currently focused on SBA 7(a) loan program, by far the largest and most used SBA program. However, the SBA 504 loan program which primarily addresses commercial real estate is being added to the SBADNA platform and will be available to the public in the first quarter of 2020.

Press Releases

SBADNA launches new SBA analytics platform and products

SBADNA launched operations today to provide an independent resource to analyze and harness data about business loans partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The SBADNA analytics platform enables users to find about anything regarding SBA 7a lending in a matter of seconds.

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Since 1991 over 1.6 million SBA 7a loans have been approved for small businesses, primarily for acquisitions, partner buy-outs and working capital. Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the SBA releases quarterly data about SBA loan activity.

SBA lending “big data” has been underutilized due to the enormous amount of time, effort, complexity, and expense required to manually exploit its rich, but mostly hidden insights.

The proprietary SBADNA AI-powered advanced analytics platform transforms lending big data into business intelligence (BI) in a format that is easy and fast to use.

A user can now access about any aspect of SBA 7a lending intel on a historical, current, trending or forecasted basis, from macro and micro level perspectives. While the platform analytics are sophisticated, finding actionable BI is simple.

Interactive dashboards have been created and organized into categories to give you easier and faster access to information you need. Dozens of available reports are broken out into report categories, including: Rankings, Activity, Lenders, Franchise, Risk, and Trends & Forecasts.

The pre-built dashboard allows users to quickly narrow search results by using a host of filters, including industry, location, and time periods in any combination.

Some of the most common filters include:

  • Active, pending, charged off, and PIF loan statuses
  • Sector, sub-sector, industry group, 6-digit NAICS, or by a franchise brand
  • Bank and borrower state, city, zip code and loan project state and county
  • Time periods like “Since 2000” or “Last 12 Months” or 2019, 2018, 2017
  • In-state only or out-of-state only loans, or franchise-only or non-franchise only loans, or only expansion loans, or only disbursed loans.

The robust analytics platform makes it easy and fast to access BI insights, allowing the user to:

  • View the top rated of anything in SBA lending for anywhere, during any time period, and for any combination of filters.
  • Benchmark and compare all variables (industries, geography, lenders, franchise brands, etc.) with any category (activity, loan status, charge-off details, allocations, trends, forecasts, etc.).
  • View any SBA lender’s loan portfolio allocation by industry, franchise brand, or location.
  • View loan activity by historical, YOY, 3- and 10-year trends, and the next 12-month forecast for any combination of a multitude of filters.
  • View historical and trending charge-offs from a multi-faceted perspective, utilizing any combination of filters.
  • Pull SBADNA loan files on any current, prior or pending individual SBA 7a loan that provides dozens of details including current loan status, loan amount, loan balance, loan payment, interest rate, and risk rank score.
  • Generate B2B mailing lists to target small business owners with a current, prior, or pending SBA 7a loan.
  • SBADNA Match allows small business owners to match to the right SBA lender based on the lender’s matching experience, current focus, and qualifying criteria, and then work with that lender directly.

The SBADNA platform is currently focused on SBA 7(a) loan program, by far the largest and most-used SBA program. However, the SBA 504 loan program that primarily addresses commercial real estate is also being added and will be available to the public in the first quarter of 2020.

Can loan analytics actually be fun? SBADNA thinks so

Analytics and fun are not often, or ever, thought of as synonyms. SBA loan analytics can make a person yawn as fast as any 3-word combination there is. So why do we think businesses and lenders will have fun and enjoy utilizing our SBADNA lending analytics platform?

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Because fun is a matter of context.

The SBADNA platform enables anyone to instantly become a citizen data scientist without all of the time and hard work involved. You don’t have to spend countless hours mining data, scrubbing for errors, organizing, calculating, implementing various algorithms, back testing, recalibrating, and so on.

SBADNA has already done the hard work of analytics for you. You can focus on the fun part of the business intelligence benefits our business analytics delivers.

Just click the filters on various dashboard categories to see the results. Further interact with the charts and graphs to gain deeper insights.

There is no typing required, no algorithms that have to be inserted.

While the engine that runs SBADNA is an AI-powered advanced analytics platform, we designed it for “human consumption.” It is not only simple to access, it is also easy, intuitive and fast for anyone to use.

Intuitive functionality is the foundation of the user’s experience with SBADNA. There is no training whatsoever required to use. Just start clicking filters and results and you instantly understand it.

Having a point and click analytics platform that is both easy and intuitive still may not qualify SBADNA’s platform as “fun” for some people. Is it fun like skiing or going to a concert? Not exactly.

But in context, is it more fun than manually analyzing a 1.6 million row spreadsheet? Yes.

Even users that would not consider SBADNA necessarily fun, they will find that using it is easy, fast, and intuitive.

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