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What is the SBADNA Platform?

SBADNA operates an AI-powered advanced analytics platform for SBA lending data. SBADNA is an independent research resource tool that generates business intelligence about loans partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

What is the purpose and mission of SBADNA?

Our purpose is to providing augmented analytic tools that harness business intelligence and insights found in SBA loan data.

Our mission is to maintain a robust platform that is easy, fast and intuitive to utilize.

Our goal is that our tools help people access better information to make more informed decisions.

Our vision is that our SBA analytics platform makes a meaningful contributions benefiting the SBA ecosystem.

Our focus is helping businesses and banks better benefit from big data analytics.

Our mantra: Know more, guess less.

Our favorite quote: The price of light is less than the cost of darkness. ~ Arthur C. Nielsen

Is SBADNA affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Administration?

No. SBADNA is not affiliated or associated with the U.S. Small Business Administration, FDIC, or any government agency.

When will SBA 504 loans be added to the SBADNA platform?

It is currently being developed and anticipating release in Q2 2020.

How can I suggest adding a report or algorithm to your platform?

We are committed to developing the best platform and user experience possible. Suggestions, ideas and requests are welcomed and appreciated, and usually added. Updates and new features are being rolled out each month.

Who can benefit from SBADNA’s business intelligence platform?

Small business owners, business startups, SBA banks, SBA non-bank lenders, conventional lenders, online lenders, loan brokers, business brokers, franchisees, franchise curious, franchisors, investors in bank stocks, investment research analyst, business data providers, business and industry associations, U.S. Congress, SBA secondary market loan pool assemblers and purchasers, and the various vendors and associated businesses in the SBA lending ecosystem.

What are the objectives of SBADNA?

1. Make BI from SBA data accessible to the masses
Harness SBA lending big data for the masses so that it is easy to access and fun to use.

2. Increase SBA loan activity through awareness
Contribute to increased awareness of the SBA program and availability to business owners and startups.

3. Encourage SBA lender participation
The strategic intel now available may encourage banks that have dipped their toe into SBA lending to stick their foot in next.

4. Narrow the lending inequality gap
Embolden smaller SBA volume lenders with the roadmaps to SBA lending success that top lenders are trailblazing.

5. Change how top rated lists are created and utilized
Make it easy to view the top rated of anything for anywhere for any time period, in any combination.

6. Enable benchmarking through insightful comparisons
Make it easy to compare industries, lenders and franchise brands for a multitude of variables to each other, to Top Lender Index Averages, and through Risk Rank Scoring.

7. Improve risk assessment with multiple perspective default data
Make it easy to access the number and amount of charge offs, and the corresponding percentages, by any combination of NAICS code, loan amount tier, geography, or franchise brand, based on historical, trending and forecasted activity.

8. Diminish the SBA approval differential dilemma
While the SBA is the same for all, SBA lenders differ in policies, focus, experience and qualifying criteria. This contributes to borrowers that may be rejected by one SBA lender getting approved by another. SBADNA seeks to diminish the SBA approval differential dilemma that is so detrimental to small business owners.

9. Provide data that results in more informed conclusions and better decisions
Make SBA BI easy to access and utilize for small business owners, lenders, franchisors, investors, analysts, and others associated directly and indirectly with SBA lending.

10. Make meaningful contributions to SBA ecosystem solutions
We love the SBA program and developed SBADNA as fintech that enables capabilities previously unavailable to provide needed solutions that previously did not exist, for about everyone connected to the SBA lending ecosystem.

Why does SBADNA use 7a, K and M?

We refer to the SBA 7(a) program as SBA 7a because we’re not formal enough to put emphasis on the parentheses around a lowercase letter. SBADNA tries to make SBA lending intel easy for non-lenders, like business owners, to understand and harness as well. This is why we use a K for thousand instead of a M and use M for million instead of MM. Whenever space allows we spell out instead of abbreviate.

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