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Franchise and brand intel for SBA 7a lending

More than 3,100 lenders have approved over 111,000 SBA backed loans for over $52 billion to franchise businesses.

2019 Franchise Business Lending 

  • For full-year 2019, there were 6,775 franchise SBA 7a business loans approved for over $5 billion.
  • The average franchise loan amount approved in 2019 was $743,783.
  • 718 SBA lenders approved loans for franchise businesses in 2019.

Forecasted Franchise Business Lending 

  • SBA 7a loan approvals for franchise businesses went from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $6.1 billion in 2018, and lowered a bit to $5.2 billion in 2019.
  • Our 2020 forecast for franchise lending approvals in 2020 is for $4.8 billion.
  • Our forecast model predicts more than $20 billion in franchise loan approvals from now until year end 2024.

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Franchise Curious

Almost every analytics dashboard has the ability to filter for only franchise lending, by a specific franchise brand, or grouping of franchise brands.

Due Diligence

If you are considering getting any kind of bank loan (SBA or otherwise) for a franchise brand startup or expansion, it’s smart to find out how the other franchisees of this brand who already got a SBA business loan have faired.

Compare Brands

If you are wanting to compare franchise brands side-by-side for SBA lending activity, defaults, and forecasted growth, it’s easy and quick to do so.

Franchise Brand Analysis
for 2019

Get access to answers for fundamental questions

How many franchisees got an SBA loan for this brand?

How many of these loans are still active, paid in full, or defaulted?

How does this franchise brand compare to their franchise competition?

How does this brand rank compared to their peers in activity and defaults?

How does this brand compare to non-franchise busineses with the same NAICS code?

Which are the best SBA lenders for financing this specific franchise brand in your state?

How does this brand perform in your state compared to other states?

Is this brand trending up or down in positive or negative ways?

Watch Video: Franchise DNA Analysis

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Loan & Lenders

  • Get the pulse of SBA lending that is applicable to your business, loan amount and location.
  • Utilize historical match rankings to find the SBA lender(s) experience in approving loans for your business industry, in your location, for the loan amount you need.
  • Utilize SBADNA Match to match to the right SBA lender based on the lender’s matching experience, current focus, and qualifying criteria, and then work with the lender direct

B2B Marketing

  • Generate B2B mailing lists to target small business owners with a current, prior, or pending SBA 7a loan.
  • View the top ranked industries and franchise brands based on multiple combination of factors for new target marketing perspectives.
  • Find the counties, cities and zip codes that have the highest forecasted SBA lending growth for the business sectors, industries or franchise brands you target.

Peers & Competitors

  • Pull SBADNA loan file reports on peer or competitor businesses that have a current, prior or pending SBA 7a loan.
  • View the SBA lending activity forecast for businesses in your industry and location.
  • Monitor out of state competitor SBA loan approvals for projects in your state and county.

Research & Due Diligence

  • View rankings and the activity of anything in SBA lending for anywhere, during any time period, for any combination of filters.
  • See the loan activity and charge-off trends and forecasts for lenders, franchise brands, industries, and locations, from multiple filter combination options.
  • Compare and contrast about anything to anything (industries, geography, lenders, franchise brands, etc.), for about anything (loan activity, loan status, charge-off details, trends, and more

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