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SBA DNA provides unique access to business intelligence that can impact your business.

Successfully obtaining a SBA 7a loan can change the life and income bracket of a small business owner. An SBA 7a loan can include a multi-million acquisition, start-up funding for a franchise business, or working capital to expand, stay competitive, or take your business to the next level.

It can also impact your business (and income) when a current or future competitor is utilizing a SBA loan in similar ways. You can be impacted from the increased competition they funded from a loan and can be impacted again from the free cash flow they have when they pay off the loan.

  • Easy and fast
  • Fun and interactive
  • Intuitive functionality

SBADNA is easy and intuitive, there is no training required. Just start clicking buttons and interact with the charts and graphs and you’ll instantly “get it.” If you know how to point and click your mouse you have already mastered operating the SBADNA platform.

Loans & Lenders

  • Get the pulse of SBA lending that is applicable to your business, loan amount and location.
  • Utilize historical match rankings to find the SBA lender(s) experience in approving loans for your business industry, in your location, for the loan amount you need.
  • Utilize SBA Match to match to the right SBA lender based on the lender’s matching experience, current focus, and qualifying criteria, and then work with the lender direct.

Peers & Competitors

  • Pull SBA DNA loan file reports on peer or competitor businesses that have a current, prior or pending SBA 7a loan.
  • View the SBA lending activity forecast for businesses in your industry and location.
  • Monitor out of state competitor SBA loan approvals for projects in your state and county.

B2B Marketing

  • Generate B2B mailing lists to target small business owners with a current, prior, or pending SBA 7a loan.
  • View the top-ranked industries and franchise brands based on multiple combinations of factors for new target marketing perspectives.
  • Find the counties, cities and zip codes that have the highest forecasted SBA lending growth for the business sectors, industries or franchise brands you target.

Research & Due Diligence

  • View rankings and the activity of anything in SBA lending for anywhere, during any time period, for any combination of filters.
  • See the loan activity and charge-off trends and forecasts for lenders, franchise brands, industries, and locations, from multiple filter combination options.
  • Compare and contrast about anything to anything (industries, geography, lenders, franchise brands, etc.), for about anything (loan activity, loan status, charge-off details, trends, and more.

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